Tattoo arm warmers are bad-ass

Break out the bad boy/agirl side of you! At least the cautious bad boy with tattoo arm warmers. Great body art, no commitment.

Now, these aren’t those see-through kind of arm sleeves that are meant to look like real flesh and blood tattoos. Those look cool but they definitely miss the “warm” part of arm warmers. No, these are built like the rest of your bike gear with sport fabric that keeps you warm, wicks, breathes, makes omelets. Wait, not that last one.

But they are pretty versatile and useful at this time of year when the weather is changing constantly. And since these are meant specifically for sports, they pay great attention to details like cuffs that stay up. Little things like that.

The first three here are pretty cycling specific and wide ranging in design. The first one from Primal Wear coordinates with the tattoo jersey they currently have out, while the second one is pretty much just for fun. The SV Forza design is less packed as far as the art goes, but very typical of tattoos.

If you want realistic looking tattoos and tons of variety, you have to check out the Missing Link brand. I just picked out five I liked here, but their range is pretty vast.

Now – they aren’t cycling specific but are meant for outdoor sporting activity. Primarily motorcycle riding, but they still have the important features you want for bicycle riding as well. (Me – I’m in full gear without a piece of skin showing every time I’m on my motorcycle, so wouldn’t have need of these there!) But the designs tend to run toward what you’d expect to see in a biker gang and are fully done, so also people who have the stomach and pain threshold for complete inking.

They all come with SPF 50 built in and are sized from XS to XL so there’s one to fit just about any bicep out there. Definitely worth a look if you’re after tattoo arm warmers.


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