Black and white arm warmers add some style

This has always been the biggest category of arm warmers I find (although it’s gotten a little small here of late), which I get. (I’m just a color girl!) So, black and white arm warmers it is today!

Black and white does lend itself not only to fun designs – prisoner garb, anyone? – but to just interesting and sharp graphical looks. And the neutral colors means you can pair them with just about any solid jersey out there and look sharp. (Especially since the odds are good your shorts are black.)

Bike-Related Designs

Bike parts and attitude are easy to find here! The Podium designs have a little fun with the idea of evolution and that biking is the next logical step there as well as promoting the concept of bike commuting. (I only have to get down my hallway on my commute, so don’t need my bike!)

The other two come from SockGuy and – again with the attitude – comment on doping as well as highlight a bike chain. I would love to see gears as well, but haven’t found them. At least not in this color scheme.

Black and white arm warmers Black and white arm warmers Black and white arm warmers

Random Designs

Mustaches, zombies and barbed wire – oh my! Kind of random with the designs here, although in the right color scheme. I was actually surprised to not find more. You can do a lot with just black and white.

The zombies are an interesting look. Definitely have to look twice at that one as you’ll see something new and interesting every time. The mustache is also part of a current trend, so that didn’t surprise me so much.

KOOPLUS-Men's 100% Polyester Cycling Protective Gear Arm Warmer(Black)


The Panda here is a no-brainer. I’m actually surprised more of the naturally black and white animals aren’t to be found here – zebra, penguin and … that’s all I can think of at the moment. 🙂

Still, the three here are pretty cool in B&W, and there are some tigers naturally in those colors. I suppose you could say wolves come in a version of that since they are often gray.

KOOPLUS-Men's 100% Polyester Cycling Protective Gear Arm Warmer(White)BLACK Wolf Cycling Arm Warmers

Kinda Girly

A few of the designs above were sized for women – smaller biceps, I suppose? – but with these, the designs themselves are definitely on the girly side. Flowers and animal prints for your fashionable pleasure.

The shrug is kind of an interesting concept. Protect your arms and shoulders at the same time. I like the idea of pairing it up with sleeveless tops in the summer. (She says, like this is a fashion blog or something. Ha!)

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