Tour de France t-shirts

The Tour De France ends this weekend, and someone will be coming home with a nice souvenir. If you’ve been following closely on TV or biking sites, you can still look like you were there with one of these cool Tour de France t-shirts.

2014 Specific Shirts

So this particular group is pretty specific to the 2014 version of the tour, whether because they show the route or the schedule. Or just have the words 2014 on them. Two of them come in a women’s version as well.

Collector T-Shirts

Neither of these are specific to this year, so I’m not entirely sure just what’s collectible about them. But that’s what they’re labelled, which does imply to me that they’re only available for a limited time.

Tour de France Stages Tees

They have different colored jerseys for the cyclists, so why not for you too? The first shirt celebrates all the special jerseys, with the other three mimicking the special ones. (Not sure why I didn’t find one of the white ones, but there you go.)

We’ve got another that focuses on the different jersey options, then three I picked out of a huge group that were all about the grand depart from Leeds. Sheesh, but they were excited about that one. Tons of options celebrating the race start.

Then there are the specific various stages, each one of which ended up on its own shirt. I’ve got images of the first three stages shown in the men’s, kids and women’s cuts.

Tour de France T-shirts

How about a look at a few general Tour shirts that aren’t specific to this year or even officially branded merchandise? Several of these utilize the really cool Tour logo. The official fan shirt comes in a ton of different styles.

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