Primal Wear tees for style off the bike

Primal Wear is a fairly prominent brand name in cycling gear, especially with novelty stuff like I feature on this site. They have some of the big band and beer names among the items they produce, as well as just some super cool designs. So let’s see what they have to offer by way of shirts to wear when you aren’t riding.

I dropped any shirts they produce that didn’t have anything to do with cycling. (And no, I don’t understand either why they would have any of those.) So we have a nice range here of bicycle t-shirts to choose from.

Primal Wear T-shirts

Let’s start with the ones for the guys. I’m not a huge fan of all the black and gray, I must admit, but then I don’t know a lot of guys who could pull off the green. Or would even try, for that matter. You’d think they would have a little more fun with these given the range of jerseys they produce.

Primal Wear Men's Primal Native T-Shirt - NATFT10MPrimal Wear Men's no excuses T-ShirtPrimal Wear Men's Boom Box T-Shirt - STEKT10MPrimal Wear Men's Simple T-Shirt - SIMGT10M

Primal Wear Men's 1868 T-Shirt - 186WT10M

Primal Wear Tees for Women

Dang it. More gray and black here for the ladies. The brightly colored cars are kind of cute, and the back of that shirt – really small up by the neck – includes a “less than” math equation. The LOVE shirt is the only one on this page with a back design, the great heart you see up at the top of thepage.

Primal Wear Women's Script T-Shirt - SCRKT10WPrimal Wear Women's One Less T-Shirt - ONEGT10W

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