Life is Crap

Sometimes life is good. But things happen and that’s when life is crap.

And the guys who do the Life Is Crap shirts have turned their sense of humor on the biking world as well. Not very many, but they are just oh, oh, too real.

These first two can be found over in the Life Is Crap store at Spreadshirt where you can get these two designs on different styles and colors of shirts, sweatshirts, baby clothes, mugs and other gear. The design I’m showing on the blue shirt makes me wince a bit, but we have a friend who did exactly this driving into his garage one time. Which is why we carry our bikes on the back of the car. The second one is mountain bike focused, but I’m not sure about it. Is the rider invisible? It’s definitely a scenario my dad can appreciate since he’s endo-ed many times now that he’s taken up mountain biking.

You can find a couple of older designs from Life Is Crap on Amazon. These aren’t available currently in the official store, and it seems that you can only get the style and color shown here. I think these were from back when the company was doing all the work themselves (note the actual Life Is Crap tag) rather than print on demand at Spreadshirt.

The first one should look familiar since it’s the same as above just including the rider meeting the tree. I like it better since it tells a more complete story, really. The second gives us the glorious world of road biking, although having mud slung up at you is usually the least of your worries when there are cars around.

life is crap bicycle tee rock and tree

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