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Tribal cycling designs get your warrior on

Looking at all those tattoos on football players during the Super Bowl got my mind off in the direction of tribal cycling designs I’ve seen. These are looks that feature the same kind of warrior tattoo designs you see a lot. Some of these are very Maori-styled, so kind of Hawaiian/Pacific Islander with curving blades…


Tattoo arm warmers are bad-ass

Break out the bad boy/agirl side of you! At least the cautious bad boy with tattoo arm warmers. Great body art, no commitment. Now, these aren’t those see-through kind of arm sleeves that are meant to look like real flesh and blood tattoos. Those look cool but they definitely miss the “warm” part of arm…



On The Trail: July 7

We headed out to try a new trail this morning and, well, I’m not entirely sure where all the cyclists were! We passed a pack on the road (like 35+) out training, so maybe in that part of town they just prefer to hit the roads rather than the trails on the weekends. Understandable a…