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Montana cycling jerseys and gear

A friend of mine just headed off to Montana. Not the greatest time of year to be there, maybe, but when family calls, you go. But, it got me thinking about how beautiful it is there during the summer months. (OK, the snow is beautiful too, but you can’t bike in it!) So here are…


michigan cycling

Michigan cycling jerseys

Let’s head up north to the great state of Michigan for a little while. Actually, I went to go look up some things that make the state great before we start looking at Michigan cycling jerseys. Weird and cool facts first. The city of Colon is home to the world’s largest manufacturer of magic supplies….



Moving regionally around the US

We tend to divide the US up into definable regions, typically when talking about how things differ across the country, or a desire to travel, or a discussion of weather. So, it didn’t surprise me every to see more regional designs in cycling jerseys along with the various states. For the most part, I would…


Alaska Cycling

As you might expect, a lot of snow-covered peaks featured in these Alaska cycling jersey designs. But also wildflowers and sunshine, as well as wild animals. There used to be one even with a salmon on it! Alaska Landscape Cycling Jerseys Landscapes are certainly the dominant design element to be found here. Which makes sense….


Missouri Cycling Jerseys

So, Missouri is the “show me” state, so how about I show you some Missouri cycling jerseys? Ha! I slay me. Anyway, I actually have never found a lot for Missouri, and all of it is red, white and blue with the state seal incorporated in some fashion. Not exactly super stylish or fun, but…



Oregon cycling jerseys with Northwest style

When I think of the Northwest part of this country, I think mountains and forests and lots of granola tree-huggers. And thus cyclists. But maybe they’re all busy out on mountain trails instead of the road? I’m trying to figure out why there are so few options in Oregon cycling gear. And why it is…



Join the republic with some California flag cycling gear

Show off your state pride with a California flag cycling jersey! Or some socks. The state flag features a lot of red, white and green, although the jersey designs come up with some interesting color combinations. Oh, and a big bear ambling along. (I personally find it amusing that there’s a bear on the flag…


Hit the big apple with this New York cycling gear

Tonight, most eyes across the US will be glued on New York City for the dropping of the New Year’s Eve ball at midnight. (OK, glued to their TVs, if you want to be precise.) So I thought we might take a look at what kind of New York cycling gear we could find to…


Get enchanted with New Mexico cycling gear

The land of enchantment. There’s a lot of beautiful to celebrate and some of it has made it’s way on to New Mexico cycling gear. I’ve organized into two groups here – the landscape designs from Artistic Designs and ones that feature the state flag. Landscapes The designs here are very focused on the northern…


Northwest love with Seattle and Washington cycling jerseys

Let’s head up to the Pacific northwest today for a look at some Washington cycling jerseys. Well, and some specifically for Seattle since there are more of those as there are those for the state as a whole. Lots of blues and greens as you might expect with a few unexpected design twists along the…