Wrapping around these rib cage cycling jerseys


My husband and dad have both taken tumbles mountain biking that had them clutching their sides. No broken ribs, fortunately, but I doubt they were looking as good as the ones on these jerseys! Bones in general are fairly popular design elements for cycling gear, so I’ve been trying to break down the various parts […]

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Using our heads to find skull cycling jerseys


Well, we’ve seen skulls popping up before with Day of the Dead and pirate jerseys. But this is such a rich design area that it definitely has to have its own dedicated list. In fact, skulls are so popular as a design element, I almost had to split this one up even further. Definitely be […]

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Bony fingers in these skeleton cycling gloves


Think you have bony hands? Well, you can for real with these cool skeleton cycling gloves I found. I was checking out different skeleton options – planning to have some jerseys in the next week or so to show you – and just found the idea of bone gloves really cool. They’re fairly trendy off […]

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