Patriotic cycling gear – socks and hats


We’re going from head to toe with some patriotic cycling gear as we head into the fourth. Caps for your head and socks for your feet are great ways to add a little bit of the flag for the holiday. The socks involve the US flag in a couple of different ways. The first few […]

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Don’t Tread on Me cycling jerseys


If you ever went to history class – American history, that is – you’ve probably heard the “don’t tread on me” phrase and seen the rattlesnake icon. Bet you don’t actually know much about it, though. Some interesting factoids for you: It was named after American general Christopher Gadsden of South Carolina, who designed it […]

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American symbols for the Fourth


Well, happy Independence Day to you! While as a country we’re waving flags and shooting off fireworks, I wanted to pull up a few cycling jerseys that feature a few other symbols we identify with as a country. There are boo-coo flag jerseys (I’ll have a few some day) out there, so I wanted to […]

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