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Boo! Time for Halloween socks

It’s that time of year again. When you might want to see ghosts and ghouls and goblins about. Especially on your cycling gear. Whether you’re riding in a holiday event or just want a little fun, one quick, easy and inexpensive way to do so is with Halloween socks. Get a couple of pairs, even,…


Time to get out your Day of the Dead cycling gear

Happy Day of the Dead, everyone! Do you have your sugar skulls and marigolds ready to go? Tomorrow is just Halloween for many of us here in the US, but for Mexico and other countries around the world, it marks the start of the Day of the Dead celebrations. The designs I’ve tracked down include…


Zombie cycling – Bra-a-a-ins!!!

Zombies are hot. Well, as hot as a dead body can get, right? My nephew – who is just seven, BTW – is obsessed with them. Crazy. But given the fact that they are all over pop culture these days, it’s not surprising to see some zombie cycling jerseys popping up. What might be a…


Here come the scary guys on Halloween cycling gear

Ok, you still have a little time here to grab some Halloween cycling gear. ScudoPro has the most options as far as designs go with all kinds of monsters, but there are a few other options. We’ve already looked at pumpkins and a bit of skeletons, but there are a lot more possibilities with Halloween….


Bony fingers in these skeleton cycling gloves

Think you have bony hands? Well, you can for real with these cool skeleton cycling gloves I found. I was checking out different skeleton options – planning to have some jerseys in the next week or so to show you – and just found the idea of bone gloves really cool. They’re fairly trendy off…


Pumpkin cycling gear just in time for Halloween

Halloween is on the way! If you like this particular holiday season, I’ve got a great series of posts for you, starting with pumpkin cycling gear today. Now, I wish I could say there was a jersey for the Great Pumpkin or any number of other pumpkin characters, but alas. Actually, there aren’t even any…