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International Beer Cycling Jerseys

A quick look here at some beer cycling jerseys with international flair. I’m not even sure if the Samurai one is an international brand since it could be a name used by an American brewery, but it has the right flair for this group. The other three are pretty Mexican-focused – cervezas all around! –…



Stone Brewing Company Cycling Jerseys

The Stone Brewing Company uses an image of stone gargoyles as its logo, which makes it pretty distinctive out on the road. Several of the company’s beers have been seen in episodes of Weeds, and the red Arrogant Bastard jersey became a hot ticket after it was seen worn by Peter Gallagher in an episode…


Seventh Planet Brewing Cycling Jerseys

So, this is a bit of a weird one. The website for Seventh Planet Brewing has been under construction for a couple of years now at least. Trying to even track down that all of these are even their beers was a bit of a challenge, let me tell you. And, one thing I know…


Bristol Brewing Beers Cycling Jerseys

Back to Colorado for this particular line of beers! These guys produce the Laughing Lab line, not to be confused with the Lucky Labrador brewery, whose jerseys are below. I really wish they’d do a jersey based on the Beehive honey wheat beer. Great design for a woman’s jersey, guys!. Primal Wear Compass IPA India…



Moab Brewery Cycling Jerseys

Oh, I so wish these guys had a jersey for their Dead Horse Ale. That would be awesome! It’s their most popular brew, so it’s kind of surprising they don’t. (Or maybe their Beehive Brew root beer?) They have recently released new jerseys for some of their other brews. The Moab Especial would be perfect…



Grab a cold one with Boulder Beer cycling jerseys

I’m sitting in a freezing hotel room as we’re on our way up to spend a couple of months in Colorado. (Appropriately for the room to be freezing since the whole point of this trip – other than the mountain biking – is to escape the heat!) So, of course, I’ve been looking into beer…



Alaskan Brewing cycling jerseys

Alaskan Brewing Company is a regional brewery in Juneau with a ton of awards to their name and a nice line-up of beers. You can’t find it everywhere, but you can get a jersey featuring one of their brews anywhere. The brewery opened in 1986, the first in Juneau since Prohibition.¬†Fun fact? They got started…


Left Hand Brewing Cycling

One of the great craft beer companies in Colorado, you’ll definitely want to check out the Left Hand Brewing cycling jerseys if you’re into beer. I think these guys have the coolest designs and definitely among the coolest beer names. I mean, 400-pound Monkey? Awesome. Fun fact? The brewery name is a tribute to an…



Don’t tell the right hand about these Left Hand cycling jerseys!

Left Hand Cycling Jerseys I think these guys have the coolest designs and definitely among the coolest beer names. I mean, 400-pound Monkey? Awesome. Fun fact? The name is a tribute to an Indian chief whose tribe winters in the area of the brewery. The first couple I’ve featured here are named after two of…


Pull on a pint with beer cycling socks

Beer Cycling Socks Show off your big love for beer in a small way with these beer cycling socks I’ve tracked down. Some are unique examples of beer love, others go with a logical picture of a pint. Oh, and not to forget them at all, but I even have links to some for a…