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Here kitty, kitty – cat cycling accessories

I’ve taken you through a group of cat cycling jerseys, but at the same time, I kept running across cat cycling accessories. Tons of them. Tons and tons. So they had to be broken out into their own post. Cat Cycling Helmets Be prepared for a lot of pink here. A lot of pink. It’s…


Gallop along with horse cycling jerseys

Whoa! Pause for a moment here and let’s take a look at some horse cycling jerseys, shall we? We’ve covered a lot of other animals to date, so it’s about time for their turn. We’ve pretty much got two options going – cartoony horses and stylized, manly stallion looks. Which struck me as a wee…



Bird Cycling of All Kinds

Take to the skies with some bird cycling jersey options. Well, mostly to the skies. There are a couple of penguin options here that aren’t getting off the ground any time soon. The designs here range from cute and cartoony to quite elegant. Which means there’s something for everyone, and even everyone in the family…


Moooo-ve over for these cow cycling jerseys

Let’s take a turn over toward animals today. Specifically cows. Because cows and bicycles – perfect match, right? Look how happy that cow looks on her bike with the green basket! It used to be a little easier to find cow print in a jersey, which is what most people think of first, but these…



Feel the heat with these dragon cycling jerseys

We’re entering a somewhat Chinese-y world today with a series of dragon cycling jerseys. Almost all feature dragons that look like they just arrived from a Chinese New Year’s celebration. However, that did leave me wondering just what I thought a dragon design would look like. Is it just the defined scales and beard that…


Herding cartoon cats cycling jerseys

We all have our favorite cartoons, right? I get asked all the time about jerseys for some of them. So I’ve gathered a few cartoon cats cycling jerseys to get us kicked off on a cartoon run. Just a note before we start, though. A couple of these are listed on Amazon, but are shipping…


Letting in the cat cycling jerseys

OK – so we looked at cartoon cats recently, but they aren’t the only cat cycling jerseys on the block. Not that there are many. I guess cat people don’t bike? Add to that the fact that we’ve got a bevy of black cats going here. Does that let you throw bad luck at other…


Fooling around with monkey cycling gear

Ready for some crazy monkey fun? As little as there is, any way. I’m a bit surprised how thin the selection is for monkey cycling stuff. But I did find a few items, mostly jerseys and socks. And just to warn you up front, kids get most of the love here. Monkey Cycling Jerseys The…


Shark cycling jerseys show some teeth

Shark Cycling Jerseys I was obsessed with two things as a kid – horses and sharks. Read everything I could get my hands on (because there was no Animal Planet or Shark Week back then) and could tell you just about anything about any species you wanted to know. So of course, the idea of…