Girly Cycling Socks

We could do an entire debate today over just what makes something girly. Because, girly is definitely in the eye of the beholder and varies greatly depending on the country you’re in. So, suffice it to say, it’s in the eye of this beholder what made the cut here.

So many options for girly cycling socks that I’m breaking this out into a couple of different posts. Flowers and cute bugs are on the upcoming list, but for today, just kind of generally girly looks.

Girly doesn’t mean women’s necessarily, though. A lot of these socks are labeled and sized for men, so watch for that when you purchase. I know a few guys who would wear unicorn rainbow socks, but none of them cycle.

Random Girly Designs

Let’s start with some patterns here – polka dots, peace signs and paint splatter among them. None of those are inherently girly, but when you start doing them in pink, they start to cross the line a bit.

SockGuy Women's 1in Splatter Cycling/Running Socks

This next group are not just girly in color, but definitely in design. Lips, Paris and diamonds make appearances here, and, yes, there’s plenty of pink, but also some purple and green to mix it up.


Hooray for animals! And, well, there are quite a few out there, but I only added them here if they were incorporated in a design that could count as girly in some other fashion. Well, and unicorns as a class of animal are definitely girly.

Lin Flamingos Socks Cycling SocksLin Biker Chick Socks Cycling Socks

Animal Prints

Zebras and cheetahs dominate here, although, there are a lot fewer options here than I anticipated. Animal prints are always fashionable – some years only in jersey, but always somewhere – so I thought there would be more choices. That said, the
Mewow design comes in several colors, and the Gizmo Gear zebra print comes in black/white, pink/black and purple/black.

Shebeest Women's Bellissima Mewow Cycling SocksZebra print cycling socks


Hearts definitely fall in the girly category, especially when they involve this much pink! My faves are definitely the first pair from SockGuy with the addition of stripes to the mix. The Red Lion ones are pretty cute, too, though, with the entire sock in pink.

heart cycling socksheart cycling socksheart cycling socksheart cycling socksheart cycling socks

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