Food Cycling Socks

Yummm! I seriously think there needs to be a banana sock, given that they’re almost the perfect food for after a ride.

But burgers and fries work too. (That’s my husband’s after-ride meal every time he goes mountain biking.) In fact, I think this is definitely the category for buying a few pairs and mixing them up. So wear one coffee and one donut sock, or one burger and one fries sock.

Making a Meal

Ok – let’s start with the real food first. We’ve got hamburgers and fries to get us started. Then maybe breakfast for dinner? And of course, drive through for some late-night tacos. Lots to fill your tummy for sure.

I used to be able to find pizza as well, but no more. I feel like there might have been a hot dog around also.

Add a Little Spice

Hot, hot, hot! Get spicy with the chili peppers on these guys. The SockGuy version includes some flames – roasting the pepper or just overdoing the theme? – while the Red Lion version just gives a nice border of red and yellow peppers with the words “hot stuff” down near the sole where only you will see them.


Time for a Snack

Salty and sweet here for snack time. The popcorn ones are on the tall side for cycling as a rule, but super fun. Maybe for those days with less sun so you don’t end up with an even weirder tan line than usual!

Feeling Fruity

A little more sweet, but better for you this time. I love the way the colors were done on the watermelon ones with the touches of green on the heel and toe. They’re just really cute. Actually, the strawberry ones get the same treatment, but just don’t strike me the same way. Huh. (Knowing me, it’s probably because the green in the cuff and the green in the body of the sock don’t match. Sheesh.)

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