Grab a beer for the bike


There is some kind of mystical connection between beer drinking and cycling. Not talking about like activities you do together – heaven forbid! Some of us have enough balance problems without drinking. But there are a ton of jerseys with direct beer connections, usually a specific brewery or brew. Not every beer out there has […]

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Throne saddles make you road royalty


I’ve been in the market for a new saddle, and while I was looking for something with a bit more function than form, the saddles from Australian company Thrones caught my eye for managing to capture both. These are some serious performance bike seats – designed by guys who were after all kinds of factors […]

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On The Trail: July 7


We headed out to try a new trail this morning and, well, I’m not entirely sure where all the cyclists were! We passed a pack on the road (like 35+) out training, so maybe in that part of town they just prefer to hit the roads rather than the trails on the weekends. Understandable a […]

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American symbols for the Fourth


Well, happy Independence Day to you! While as a country we’re waving flags and shooting off fireworks, I wanted to pull up a few cycling jerseys that feature a few other symbols we identify with as a country. There are boo-coo flag jerseys (I’ll have a few some day) out there, so I wanted to […]

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Deck your bicycle out for the Fourth


Patriotic gear for your bike Ready to add a little red, white and blue to your bicycle? It’s amazing just how many ways you can decorate your ride, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can get tons of it with a patriotic touch. However, I was kind of surprised by what you […]

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On The Trail: June 29


Not sure if we just had more people out this morning in the effort to avoid the 100 degree temps that have landed in the area, but tons of jerseys to be seen today. Here’s a recap of what I found in the wild. Or at least remember after getting back home! Smokey The Bear […]

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Hop on a bike with Dr. Seuss


Great designs from our favorite books Nothing like seeing familiar characters to put a smile on your face, right? And you don’t get more familiar or smile-able (I’m saying it’s a word!) as Dr. Seuss, whose designs make these some of my favorite cycling jerseys. Granted, we are talking about some of the rapscallions of […]

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Going to the chapel … on a bike!


Groom and Bride Cycling Jerseys I’ll admit, I’m not sure I get this particular jersey. After all, most brides want to be looking all perfect and glorious for the camera on their big day, not sweaty and wind-blown. But if you’re planning on a cyclist wedding, then this is probably where you start. In fact, […]

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Demand they share the road!

share the road

Black and Yellow Designs If you’ve been cycling for very long, you know there are days when you feel like everyone is aiming for you. I’m used to getting cut off in traffic of a regular basis, but it’s damned scary when it happens on a bicycle. We try to avoid the roads when we […]

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Hit the road as a crash test dummy


OK, I know some of you ride like maniacs. I’ve seen you out on the trail, weaving around us slow folks with just inches to spare in between. (I’ve also seen you on the ground, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.) It only seems appropriate for you to be decked out as a crash test […]

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