On The Trail: July 7

We headed out to try a new trail this morning and, well, I’m not entirely sure where all the cyclists were! We passed a pack on the road (like 35+) out training, so maybe in that part of town they just prefer to hit the roads rather than the trails on the weekends. Understandable a bit, I suppose.

So my weekend cycling jersey scope-out is pretty tiny today. Honestly, given how few people we saw out, I’m surprised I ran across even two interesting bike shirts out in the wild.

As is typical, Texas was represented with the new select limted jersey from Pearl Izumi. This particular one comes in a few other states and designs, all of which I like better than the Texas one. I mean, if I was going to pick a Texas cycling jersey, this one would be last on my list. Why? Well, thanks for asking. Most of it has to do with the nasty beige on the arms. The designer was just way off on that part of the design. Way off. Looks horrible. Then … well, they didn’t even stereotype us well. Bucking bronc I can live with, but the cyclist wearing a cowboy hat? And the oil rigs? Cycling isn’t big in the state in the places where you see those things most. You’d spend too much time picking goatheads out of your tires to get very far if you were off in west Texas.

Anywhooo, the other one I spotted was a tattoo design from Primal Wear – Kodiak. The big image in the front is a pen and ink drawing with wings and mountains and animal skulls and snakes and all kinds of tattoo goodness. The back is mostly white with a design across the shoulders that would be a perfect tramp stamp if they moved it down and made it smaller.

And that’s our in the wild report for today!

primal wear texas cycling jersey primal wear kodiak black and white tattoo cycling jersey

(Featured Photo Credit: Mikelo used under cc license.)

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