On The Trail: July 21

Frustrating day out there as I kept seeing cool shirts I’ve never seen before, but then can’t figure out where they came from once I get back to my computer. Need to start working on my u-turns so I can grab people to ask them about their jerseys. (People will start running from that crazy cycling jersey lady after a while, I’m sure!)

  • Texas Tech
  • Texas Longhorns
  • Duke – But not the Adrenalin jersey I’m familiar with. Turns out it’s the 2013 kit for the Duke cycling team. One of them that is. It’s a great black and blue design with a very Old English look to it. (The second kit is a red, white and blue patriotic look.) Sorry, though. They took orders for these back in February.
  • Maui Brewing Coconut Porter Cycling Jersey (in picture)
  • Canada
  • Texas from Canari Wear – starting to wonder if I just see this one a lot or if I just keep seeing the same guy over and over.
  • Texas state flag from Voler – not a bad looking shirt, if fairly simple compared with most
  • Red Sugoi VW van – no longer available, sadly.

Unidentifiable. Please, please, please leave me a comment and let me know if you can identify any of them!

  • Royal blue with a large yellow sun. The style that have the wavy rays. Sun cover the entire front.
  • Red and yellow with a whale tail extending up from blue water. Definitely should have chased this guy down!
  • Ladies style with city skyline in muted colors. I’m assuming it hadn’t been washed down to those colors, but all the city skyline designs I’ve ever seen are fairly bright.
  • 3 feet please – I can find plenty of designs supporting the 3-feet movement, but they’re all solid yellow. This one was white with black and a dash of yellow.

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