On The Trail: July 13

us navy camo cycling jerseySo, what did I find out in the wild this week? I’ve written down everything I could remember (and see!) but there were so many people out on the trail that I’m sure I missed a few. OK, more than a few. When you go blazing past me all bent over on your bike, I can see you’ve got on something interesting, but can’t always catch what it is. Argh!!!

  • Ireland Cycling Jersey from Dolmen. There are so many great Ireland jerseys out there that I’m not entirely sure why you’d pick this one. Personal taste, I suppose.
  • Texas Glory – This Canari jersey comes in Longhorn burnt orange and Aggie maroon (burgandy?). And believe it or not, I saw both versions today. Both. I would have never bet on that ever happening.
  • World Jersey’s Men’s England Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey – white with yellow Lions of Flanders and a red cross
  • Iowa State
  • Calavera – Kind of a dark design here from Primal Wear – black with a skull. And given this guy nearly ran me off the trail, it probably was an apt warning.
  • U.S. Navy Fleet – The new camo version for 2013.

Beers were really well represented this weekend. My favorite was a black and yellow version that said “BREWCREW” across the front, but I can’t find it anywhere. Got to be something special like a team jersey you can’t get.

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