Chill out with winter and snow cycling designs

Brrr! Even here in Texas, we’re feeling the chill this time of year. Not quite the snow and cold as in other places in the country, but enough.

So let’s get a peek at some snow cycling designs, shall we? Actually, I had a hard time tracking down much given that you can’t exactly search for “winter cycling” and expect to come up with snowflake designs. Fortunately, I do know of the ones ScudoPro puts out, which is great since you can not only get long-sleeved versions, but thermal winter ones! (Or go for the short sleeves to keep you even cooler come summer. ūüôā

The cartoony aspects of these make them fun and appealing for kids as well. I like the graphical elements in the¬†Winter Time!¬†– very abstract trees and snowbanks, but you might prefer the more traditional¬†snowman¬†or¬†winter lake scene. Backs of these don’t vary much from the fronts outside of zooming in on the various central elements. Oh, except for the¬†Himalayan creeper¬†(It’s the yeti!), which tells you to have a merry monster Christmas and includes a few lit bombs. No, I don’t understand them either.

In the hunt for more winter designs, I did stumble across some cool fleece cycling jackets patterned after Alpine sweaters. Very winter! The red and white is on special right now, but the green one definitely has more Christmas flair to it. Oh Рand one last one for the season Рa Christmas tree design I found while looking for Santa. Not a lot of call for seasonal gear, apparently, since this was a rare and difficult find.

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