Get a little patriotic with a DC jersey


2013 Performance Washington DC Cycling Jersey - red white and blue Short Sleeve

It’s funny, but I can see people getting all passionate about their state when we’re talking Colorado and New York and Texas. (Especially Texas!!) But Washington DC?

We’re talking the place where all the bureaucrats and politicians live. Where our money flows out of our pockets toward. Where … well, let’s just say it’s often not been a great place to live.

But there seem to be some people who love DC enough to want to get a cycling jersey celebrating our nation’s capital. Both of these shirts use the flag (they have a flag!) as the starting point for the design, with the new one exclusively at Performance Bike washington dc cycling jersey based on their red and white flagadding in the Capitol building, Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial in the background. There’s text down the sleeve that says Washington DC and down the side of the body reads District of Columbia. Only comes in a men’s cut, though.

This second one is pretty much a direct take off the DC flag, which has red stars above two red stripes. You can’t see it in the small shot here, but the sleeves have a blue watermarked “DC” in the background. It comes in the men’s cut in the picture here as well as one for women. This Hill Killer version, however, does include a little tongue-in-cheek on the back, something you might expect from this brand. A small line of blue text right under the first stripe states “Taxation Without Representation”, a play off the revolutionary rallying cry. The O’s at the ends of the words are dones as bicycle tires, mimicking the detail from the sleeves.

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