Run on plants with vegan cycling

The things you learn on the job. I had no idea there was a vegan athlete movement, much less vegan cycling. I thought the couple of jerseys I had seen were just kind of aberrations, but apparently not.

Want to learn more about being a vegan athlete/cyclist? Here are a few resources I ran across doing my research. Just a starting point for you.

Vegan Cycling Jerseys

If you’re looking to be just generically vegan, there are two jerseys I found that allow you to say “vegan cycling” without endorsing any particular group’s agenda. These both come from HillKiller and I found them at BikeMania. The Team Vegan has a cool design with the leaves in front of a gear and the “powered by plants” slogan. The look they show at BikeMania is a solid black, but there is a newer version that has a faded green to black background that should be available soon. And it’s a rare one that comes in a women’s cut as well.

Along the lines of causes and affiliations, I found two from organizations that you might want to associate with. Roots of Compassion has a really nice jersey design, as well as their old jersey look, bib and regular cycling shorts and running shirts. The No Meat Athlete site came up with its own jersey – only in men’s cut – although when I visited, they were out of stock no longer available. It’s a really cute look with the running carrot from their logo on the back. (Which would be my quibble. It’s a cycling jersey. Put the carrot on a bike!)

Vegan Cycling Clubs

Clubs, forums, teams – not sure just what to call them, actually. But I ran across a couple of designs that are custom to specific online groups to the point that you have to login to place an order.

The Team Green jersey is a custom job from Pactimo. In fact, they have an entire line of gear, not just the jersey, so grab a jacket or shorts as well. You’ll see the link to the store and the password off on the left-hand side of the page.

The Vegan Fitness forum developed its own line as well, although they have more than just cycling, of course. I like the simplicity of the design here, although black isn’t a color you want to wear much in Texas in the summer! The picture is of the jacket, but again, they have a rather complete line of gear. The gear comes from the UK and is made to order, so it takes a while to get. Oh, and £25 to ship to the US.

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