US Military Cycling Jerseys


We’ve looked at several different branches of the military, but there are also several jerseys out there that just kind of generally feature US military designs and styles. Some of these are full of stripes and stars, while others are tributes to specific divisions, branches, fighting fronts or groups.

These first four definitely fit the bill with lots of red, white and blue. The Uncle Sam poster possibly could/should go with the rest of the Army ones, but I tend to think of that poster more generally. The blue one from Primal Wear is the newer one, so I’m not sure how long the white one will be around at this point.

Primal Wear Men's Us Military Cycling JerseyTeam 2015 Primal Wear US Military Cycling Jersey83 Sportswear Support the Troops Cycling Jersey

Tribute Military Cycling Jerseys

POWs, MIAs, fallen warriors – definitely the downside of sending troops into battle. These jerseys take a solemn and sober view to design with lots of black and then distressed versions of the flag. The first one is new from 83 Sportswear and uses a lot more red than normal.

Fallen Warrior US Military cycling jersey83 Sportswear Fallen Warrior Cycling Jersey

Specific Fronts

Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq are paid tribute in these last three. If you know someone who served in any of these, they’re a great tribute to them and their service, while also being pretty cool designs.

83 Sportswear Vietnam Veteran Cycling Jersey83 Sportswear Afghanistan OEF Cycling Jersey83 Sportswear Iraq OIF Cycling Jersey

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