US Army Cycling Jerseys

Army strong, people. That seems to be the new motto going for this military branch. Lots of black and yellow and camo going on here with these Army cycling jerseys. The camo makes sense; the yellow and black less so. To me, anyway.

Let’s start with the strong ones, shall we? There are actually two versions of the Army Strong look, one gold with black, the other black with gold. Very strong and modern looking design as well.

Primal Wear US Army Vintage Cycling Jersey

Gold and Black Looks

A few more here that use gold and black as their main color scheme. There is a little bit of the star design that pops up, but most of these are definitely about the black and gold taking on the design. The first two have been around a while, so they might not be available too much longer. The last one is more recent and a really nice crisp design.

Camouflage Designs

Now, here we go. Very, very army now with the camo. Only one has actual green and brown, the others feature the gray digital camo. One of those is the only one that comes in a women specific cut. They all still have the star emblem big on the center of the chest, which makes it very clearly Army.

Big Star Images

The last group here make their Army statement big and proud with the star on the chest as the main design. Lots of gold and black again with big white lettering. The Army soldiers one is exactly like the first one, just with some soldier silhouettes and barbed wire added in.

83 Sportswear Cycling Jersey- 83 Sportswear U.S. Army Soldiers Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

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