Tribal cycling designs get your warrior on


Looking at all those tattoos on football players during the Super Bowl got my mind off in the direction of tribal cycling designs I’ve seen. These are looks that feature the same kind of warrior tattoo designs you see a lot.

Some of these are very Maori-styled, so kind of Hawaiian/Pacific Islander with curving blades and dragons and even a little flora influence. Others are just … how to describe it. They go, ya know? The designs just kind of fit in the same category, even if they aren’t specifically Maori styles. (I know. That was helpful, huh?)

Tribal Cycling Designs

Lots of black, orange and yellow in these designs, at least the ones for the guys. I suppose that’s kind of tropical in a way, so it makes sense. But so does blue, if we’re talking the South Pacific area. There’s a serious mix here in the designs and styles. Some with small patterns, others with complete body tattoos, basically. The BikeWorks design is one of those and is nice because you can get it in the black I have pictured or in blue. Choice is good!

Primal Wear Men's Baja Sport Cut Cycling Jersey - BAJ1J20M

ScudoPro has quite the series of tattoo based looks that fit here. The first two are very Maori warrior looking, while the others are just reminiscent of the style. The black and gray Moon Tattoo looks a bit more like Native American tribal, while the last is actually called Ultrasonic and fits in style, but probably is meant to represent something more space-age-y.

Women’s Tribal Cycling Designs

Definitely the less pointy and fierce style of tribal here. These are still Maori patterns, but more swirly and representing flora than sharp representing weapons. And this is one of those places where you can get bright colors that aren’t necessarily pink, thank goodness.

All of these options come from YMX. The sleeveless jersey is has the traditional three pockets on the back and comes in Plum Pacific, Blue Maori Dragon Tribal  and Pink Maori Spiral. (More orange, please!) The short-sleeved style I could only find in the yellow and green, but that’s a great color combination since everyone can see you! The last one is actually a short-sleeve raglan tech t-shirt, so no pockets on the back, but a pretty comfy fit and in a nice magenta shade.

Tribal Cycling Socks

Given the ankle is a common place for a tattoo, it kind of surprises me there aren’t more of these designs in socks. Or anything else, actually. I only found two in all my poking around – NLZ Piranha Tribal cycling socks over at BikeMania and the DeFeet Woolie Boolie Warrior socks at Nashbar.

Piranha Tribal Cycling SocksDeFeet Woolie Boolie Warrior Socks

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