Stone Brewing Company Cycling Jerseys


The Stone Brewing Company uses an image of stone gargoyles as its logo, which makes it pretty distinctive out on the road. Several of the company’s beers have been seen in episodes of Weeds, and the red Arrogant Bastard jersey became a hot ticket after it was seen worn by Peter Gallagher in an episode of Californication.

Fun fact? The brewery’s roof is covered in solar panels, making them an incredibly energy efficient brew.

I  don’t see the Oaked Ale on the site anymore, so not sure they’re making it. There’s a bourbon barrel-aged version of their Arrogant Bastard, which would be oaked, but it’s not listed as such and certainly doesn’t have any argyle. I do wish they’d make one for the SPRÖCKETBIER, but it’s a special release so by the time a jersey came out, it might not be around anymore.

Stone Brewing Company Cycling Jerseys Arrogant Bastard red
Canari Cyclewear Men’s Arrogant Bastard

$69.99 at Nashbar
Commemorates their American Strong Ale style beer
You should check out the description on their site. Arrogant about covers it.

Stone Brewing Company Cycling Jerseys ruination ipa yellow
Canari Cyclewear Men’s Stone Brewing Ruination IPA Jersey

Canari Cyclewear Men’s Oaked Arrogant Bastard Jersey

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