Using our heads to find skull cycling jerseys


Well, we’ve seen skulls popping up before with Day of the Dead and pirate jerseys. But this is such a rich design area that it definitely has to have its own dedicated list.

In fact, skulls are so popular as a design element, I almost had to split this one up even further. Definitely be on the lookout for other posts with accessories and bike gear.

The designs range from scary to elegant, dark to colorful. They’re most found in a kind of menacing fashion with tattoo influences.

Fixgear Skull Cycling Jerseys

This company definitely takes skulls to an art form. Their jerseys include swirls of color and pattern around the skulls with very definite tattoo influences. They’re mostly colorful and distinctive. A few of the shirt designs have coordinating shorts or long-sleeved versions to add to your collection as well.

Skull Cycling Jerseys

Lots of red in this first group of jerseys, as well as interesting application of skulls. Definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a little more color. The QinYing Ghost Skulls design has a little of a pirate flair to it, but most of it is just straight skulls, so I included it.

PaladinSport Men's Angry Skull Spring and Summer Style 100% Polyester Short Sleeved Cycling Jersey

If you’re looking for something a little more neutral, possibly more dark and threatening, this next group is probably for you. We’ve got a knifewarrior helmetfire eyes worthy of Death himself and a plain old creepy grin. That one from 83 Sportswear I’m showing the back since that’s where most of the design lies. Very simple and classy look, actually.

These next three are by Kooplus, and I’m including them despite the fact that they seem mostly like a rip-off of the FixGear designs. I suppose they’re different enough that you might like them better, but I don’t know. Still, they fit the description and they are nice designs.

For Women and Kids

Not that the guys and gals can’t mix in gear, but just for organizational purposes, I decided to split out this group. And they aren’t just for women, actually. The brightly-colored ScudoPro Elegant Skull design comes in a cut for men as well. The two from Betty designs include skulls as part of the company logo.

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