Scoping out Scotland cycling gear

Let’s see here. We’ve done England and Wales and Ireland* and Great Britain** as a whole. So our last stop around the island looks to be Scotland cycling gear.

The Saltire is the blue and white X and is the proper flag for individuals to show their loyalty and Scottish nationality. There’s also the Royal Standard of Scotland, which puts the red lion rampart on a yellow background. You’ll find a mix of both on a lot of these jerseys, although I admit to liking the ones that just adapt the flag into the design. The straight blue and white is just really clean looking.

* Yes, I realize only part of Ireland is in the United Kingdom.
**Yes, I realize Great Britain and the UK aren’t exactly the same thing.

Scotland Flag Cycling Jerseys

Let’s start with the flag designs, which give us a lot of variations, actually. SprintDesign’s – available at PushBikeWear – incorporates both the flag and the royal standard, which actually starts getting a little busy for me. I’m definitely more a fan of the simple design from Foska or even the black ones from Pactimo. However, the SprintDesign version is available in short and long sleeves, as well as shorts and jackets. Oh – and in cuts for men, women and kids.

Scottish-Related Jerseys

I suppose the first few here could be considered flag jerseys since they do have pieces of the royal standard. But putting the flag in small spots or incorporating design elements moves them to the related category for me. I realize it’s hard to resist the lion because it makes for a cool element, but mixing it in as blue and white instead of the yellow and red of the standard just confuses me. (I’m only 1/4 Scottish. 🙂

The two Imsport versions earn points because they come in men’s and women’s cuts, but I really do like the one from SOBIKE with the blue and white incorporated into a plaid. (Gonna have to do a search for more tartans!)

Scotland Cycling Accessories

Accessories are kind of limited. I really thought I’d find more than one pair of socks. And the cycling shorts specifically go with the SOBIKE jersey, although if the blues match, they’d make a nice pairing with one of the flag designs.

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