Santa cycling gear makes you feel like Old Saint Nick


Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus – bet you didn’t know he was coming on a bicycle!

It’s that time of year when everyone is starting to get into the Christmas spirit. And hasn’t gotten the over-the-top Christmas crazies just yet. Great time to be thinking about a Santa cycling piece to wear when you’re out this month or for a special holiday ride.

Santa Suit Cycling Gear

Where better to start than to dress up like Santa himself! Yes, you could get a regular old Santa suit and wear it to ride, but these are much cooler. Not to mention more comfy and likely warmer. (Yes – cooler and warmer!)

I’ve only been able to find one design out right now. Primal Wear had one in the past, but no more, alas. It was a wee bit more authentic with a bag of toys on the back. But this design below has the right look on the front. The back shows what looks to me like a somewhat startled Santa – like he’s wondering just how he got on your back.

Only showing the standard jersey here, but as with most ScudoPro items, you can get the matching shorts or even a long-sleeved thermal version to stay warm. They’ve even started making a headband/neckscarf to coordinate! All in men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes.

Santa Cycling Gear

So you want to celebrate Santa, but not really look like him. You’re in luck because there are a lot more choices of general Santa cycling items than you can find in the red suit.

Let’s start with the three from ScudoPro. The first two feature a similar cartoony Santa to the first design. You can get a mostly green one with Santa standing at a Christmas tree or a mostly blue one of Santa with presents. A lot of lovely snowflakes on that one as well. The last is an E.T. Santa Claus design. Guess the reindeer had the year off!

83 Sportswear took a classic Saturday Evening Post Santa painting as the design for their Santa cycling jersey. It’s the only really elegant or classy design in the bunch, really.

Then I did find two pairs of cycling socks that have Santa’s face on the ankle – one from Gizmo and one from SockGuy. Inexpensive and unobtrusive way to get in the spirit.

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