Heading out on Route 66

Ready to hit the road? The nostalgic road, that is. We’re heading out down Route 66 today.

There’s a romantic notion to the idea of riding down Route 66. (It runs past where my in-laws live, so I can tell you there is often nothing special about it in reality.) Still, some of the designs here definitely make you want to hit the highway!

Route 66 Cycling Jerseys

There are two different design aesthetics going on here. The ones with lots of black and gray are definitely after a more retro vibe. Sometimes more of an “Easy Rider” appeal. The Route 66 from ScudoPro has a day on the front, night on the back retro look, while the Route 66 Jersey I found at Oklahoma Cycling features some color with the flags of the various states the road passes through.

We add a bit more color in this next set – mostly yellow and red. There’s still a lot of gray in the design from Triathalon Lab. And an interesting focus on the parts of the road that are in likely greener areas of the country. (Note, they also offer a women’s cut in this style.) Canari included Route 66 in the design of its Southwest jersey, but the focus is definitely not on the green.

Kucharik goes for a lot of yellow in its design that features the road as the focal point. This is a great jersey for a team since it goes all the way up to a 54″ chest in sizing. The one from SPEG Route 66 is also available in pretty big sizes (as well as for kids and women). Note that one of the pictures on eBay showed it as black, while the pic I have here is navy.

Route 66 Cycling Accessories

I found a few accessories that feature the road sign as well, all meant to be paired with jerseys listed above. The three yellow items – capbandana and shorts – come directly from Kucharik to go with their jersey, while the Southwest socks by Canari match up with the jersey from them.


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