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Happy Labor Day, everyone! Great timing to talk about an iconic labor figure and the huge connection to cycling – Rosie the Riveter. She’s become a general “yes we can” figure for women in a lot of fields and areas, so it’s probably not surprising that they’ve found ways to use her in bicycle memes.

The most obvious application is the Rosie the Riveter cycling jersey from Retro Art Poster. (They got started just to do jerseys with … well, retro art posters like this one created for internal plant motivation by J. Howard Miller in 1943.) The image repeats exactly on the back, but it’s getting harder to find.

Now, the image of Rosie on the jersey is exactly what you remember from the poster. Or rather, all the versions and copies of the poster. (Don’t think any of you were working in a factory in 1943!) But she’s been adapted a few times and ways to make her more cycling appropriate.

Three examples I found were a Rosie the Riveter cycling t-shirt from Crosshairs Cycling, image on cycling to work by Andy Singer and Rosie with a bike wrench created by Kim Cross at Magic City Cycle Chix and used on the May/June 2012 cover of American Bicyclist. She’s carrying a bike, riding to work on her bike and getting ready to fix her bike. (In fact, the Cycle Chix image was one they created for their women’s bike maintenance workshops.)

But what about more stuff to wear on the bike? Ran into a bit of a snag there. I did find some interesting Rosie the Riveter socks over at Tons Of Socks, but they’re mostly cotton so not really a sports sock. Not that that needs to keep you from wearing them with your jersey, but they probably aren’t the best choice.

So then, I started thinking about dressing like Rosie on your bike. She has a super easy outfit if you want to be her for Halloween or something. A tiny bit more difficult to do in cycling gear, however. ScudoPro does make a “denim” cycling jersey, but the shorts for it aren’t a great match. You could have the top at least. (And yes, there are the bib shorts from Marco Pantani’s Carrerra Jeans kit if you really wanted to go there.)

Her head gear was more difficult to mimic than I anticipated. A bajillion head wraps and scarves out there and nobody does polka dot? Really? What is up with that? Still, I did find these cool helmet covers that could give you the polka dot look. They’re meant for equestian helmets, so should work on a cycling helmet as well. They can build in the brim for you if your helmet doesn’t have one. Just scroll down the page to find the Minnie Mouse style. (Oh, and you can have them leave the bow off.) Or you could just opt for the Nutcase Simi Mini Dots helmet so you still get at least a wee bit of breeze going through your hair. One of the tamer styles they offer, actually.

yellow rosie the riveter socks    red and white polka dot bicycle helmet cover    red and white polka dot bicycle helmet

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