Reptiles, Amphibians and Insects

lizard cycling

Checking out all the creepy crawly creatures here. The cold-blooded members of the kingdom, as well as a few icky ones. I used to have a few more with snakes, but they keep disappearing. And the ones with spiders (which I know aren’t insects, but whatever.)


Let’s start with the cute ones, shall we? Or at least the ones that get cute presentations here. The first two are from ScudoPro, so you can get them in men, women and youth sizes, as well as the various sleeve lengths and other pieces like shorts. The back of the body one shows the shell, as though you’re walking away. Which you would be.


This is one animal that could be done a little bit on the cute and cartoony side. The green tree frog is definitely the favorite here. I used to have a couple that had more brightly colored versions of tree frogs, but haven’t seen those for a while now.


OK – so the only ones I can find are more snake skin than snakes, although the black and red one has some weird looking cobras included. Not sure when they started having fuzzy heads … .


Don’t even want to be looking here. I’m not afraid of spiders, per se, but they are definitely one of the creatures I’m not a fan of looking at. The first one here with the tarantulas – go for it. You’re likely to win a race just because everyone else will be trying to stay away from you. Ick.


Lizards and geckos, horray! Again, don’t mind these guys, although I won’t be running around picking them up any time soon. Mix of serious and cute here. Unfortunately, the blue gecko on from Rocky Rags only comes in kids sizes. Boo.

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