Moving regionally around the US


We tend to divide the US up into definable regions, typically when talking about how things differ across the country, or a desire to travel, or a discussion of weather.

So, it didn’t surprise me every to see more regional designs in cycling jerseys along with the various states. For the most part, I would say they’re kind of travel oriented in that they tend to represent popular vacation locations. Well, except maybe the Southwest. Not sure I would call that a popular vacation location. More an easy to define and design concept. Which would also explain why there aren’t any Midwest or South designs. Not sure anyone could quite completely get their finger on it for a single design.

So, starting on the left – or west – of the country, two of these feature very popular family vacation spots. The Yellowstone on features the famous geyer, and purchases of this jersey help fund the Yellowstone Park Foundation. Nice, huh? The Yosemite design almost makes me want to pack a backpack to go hiking. Almost. 🙂

West Yellowstone Old Faithful Cycle Tour Jersey


Canari Cyclewear 2013 Men's Souvenir American Southwest Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey - 12170
Canari Cyclewear 2013 Men’s Souvenir American Southwest

World Jersey's Yosemite Cycling Jersey
World Jersey’s Yosemite Travel

New England is all the way on the other end of the country, but given the number of small states in the region, is a common reference for vacationers.

The two designs below feature two of the reasons some of us like to head up that way. The changing of the leaves as fall hits makes the by-ways of the region quite popular. It’s just a gorgeous site if you’ve never had the chance to go through there. (Gotta be a bike ride going on then, right?) The other is a little more prosaic with the big ass lobster on it. That’s a good after-ride snack, I’m sure.


Canari New England

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