Rainbow cycling gear brings some color to your day

The weather outside had just been frightful the last few days. Hey, it’s spring-time in Texas. It’s about what you expect. (Just waiting for the hail and tornados to jump into the mix.)

So, of course, I went looking for rainbows. And kind of found some with this rainbow cycling gear. I say kinda because mostly what you really get is colored stripes. Sometimes you get all the colors of the rainbow; more often you don’t. Not sure if I was hoping for a jersey with a rainbow between two clouds or what. So I went with the stripes, although there are a lot of items listed as being “rainbow” when that’s really being referred to as the color rather than anything actually resembling a rainbow. (OK, I’m cutting a little slack for the Tour de France rainbow design.)

Rainbows for You

We always find the most fun and variety on the items for our bodies, so starting there. And yes, I realize that even though these jerseys list as being rainbow, most are severely lacking in either rainbow-ness or in the color palette of a rainbow. The third one does kind of work its way through, although white isn’t a color and the blue is out of order. Not a big deal, right? (Sigh.) The last one is a more pastely version of a rainbow, but you know it’s a rainbow because it says so right across the chest.

Rainbow Cycling JerseyRainbow Cycling JerseyRainbow Cycling Jersey

Moving out on the body, we can start covering the arms and legs next. More of a tendency to include a black stripe here (maybe instead of purple to make it more manly?), although we also get a broader spectrum of color in general. The Tough Chik arm warmers in the middle remind me of clown socks from the 70s. That is a perfect rainbow!! The knee highs are from Sugoi and provide some compression support along with the bright colors.

Moving up to the head, I found three “rainbow” helmets to show you. In quotes because just because the first one says rainbow doesn’t mean I believe them. the SainStyle helmet is pretty unique with the honeycomb style holes, but it’s color range is as limited as some of the jerseys. I adore all Nutcase helmets and the Rainbow Stripe is no exception. The colors lean a little to the bright side and off – so lime green and pink and turquoise instead of straight green, red and blue – but I like them. The last one is a little more standard helmet and features the entire spectrum. (I promise, there’s a tiny bit of green in between the yellow and blue. Very tiny.)

Nutcase Gen3 Street Graphics Multisport Helmet - Rainbow Stripe - NTG3-2109

Rainbows for Your Bike

Time to spruce up the bike with some rainbows now! With a couple of these, we see again basically just a set of colorful stripes, but not always.

OK, I have to admit I didn’t realize exactly what this first stuff was for exactly. Had to check with my husband who has a lot more experience with different kinds of bikes and doing bike repairs. This Cinelli cork handlebar tape comes in the World Champion rainbow stripe and the pack includes matching end caps and finish tape. The bike chain is awesome, but my favorite of all these is the brake shoes. Awesome! Totally not in rainbow order, but enough colors to definitely qualify.

Cinelli Cork Stripe World Champion Road Bicycle Handlebar Tape w/Striped Rainbow End Plugs    

Related Rainbow Cycling

Nothing to use in cycling itself, but I just couldn’t pass up these up. We get some actual rainbows and the full range of colors in these guys. There’s the rainbow colors in bicycle glasses and then several art prints I tracked down. The Over The Rainbow Cycling Poster just makes me go “whee!” since he’s about to go down the rainbow full throttle with his feet up.

Scribble Cyclist & Dog Canvas Print

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