Pumpkin cycling gear just in time for Halloween

jack-o-lantern pumpkin cycling sock with black and purple stripesHalloween is on the way! If you like this particular holiday season, I’ve got a great series of posts for you, starting with pumpkin cycling gear today.

Now, I wish I could say there was a jersey for the Great Pumpkin or any number of other pumpkin characters, but alas. Actually, there aren’t even any cute pumpkins to be had; it’s all scary Jack-o-lanterns, like on the SockGuy Jack-O sock here. It’s a 6″ crew, so that creepy face will be quite visible above your cycling shoes. And I love that it’s not orange!

The other pumpkin cycling stuff I found are nice designs, all from ScudoPro, which means more than just jerseys and the shirts have unique backs. Love those features from this company!  Everything comes in sizes for men, women and kids. The jerseys are shown in the short sleeved versions, but they also come in regular long-sleeve and winter thermal long-sleeve. Options for all weather in all parts of the country!

Creepy Pumpkins goes with a black, orange and red color scheme, complete with a trio of, well, creepy pumpkins and some bat shapes in the background. I think the color gradations in the side panels are a sharp touch, as well as the grunge font.


Midnight Creeps mixes black, orange and blue, along with a huge pale gold moon. The pumpkins here are in all sizes and hanging from a bare tree. The word “Halloween” is in a fairly traditional font, and there are tons of spiders and webs to finish off the look.

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