Look like you just escaped from Alcatraz


full kit of jollywear alcatraz prisoner cycling jersey and shortsTraditional Prisoner Cycling Garb

When I was writing about novelty jerseys on another site, by far the most popular item clicked on was this prisoner cycling jersey. By far. No real comments here about why that might be. Maybe they’re all on a prisoner cycling team?

Still, this is a pretty sweet design idea, given how fast most of us are trying to get away from whatever’s behind us. It’s the Alcatraz line from Jollywear, and it’s a fairly full line. Not only can you get the short sleeve jersey and standard bike shorts our fair model is sporting here, but long sleeve, sleeveless, bib shorts, thermal knickers and a rain jacket as well. There will be no missing just where you belong by the time you don all those stripes! And to be honest, I think this is one of those rare times when you have to get the matching shorts. It really just doesn’t work as well if you go with solid black on the bottom, does it?

The knickers and tights include quite a bit of solid black, but for the most part, all the pieces are nothing but stripes. The fronts of the tops include your “prisoner number” over the right chest, which is repeated in larger fashion across the back. Only other decoration is the Jollywear logo.

Oh, and the number on the back? It’s the phone number for the Jollywear headquarters in Italy. Just don’t try using it if you need bail!

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