Pink ribbon cycling gear in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s that time of year. The time when everything gets drenched in pink and covered in ribbons.

Yep – breast cancer awareness month. And yes, you can get a ton of pink ribbon cycling gear to wear to commemorate.

Pink Ribbon Cycling Jerseys

Whether you’re in a specific ride or just want to share support for the cause, a pink ribbon cycling jersey is a good way to start. Which makes me kind of laugh because most of this firt group doesn’t actually have pink ribbons in their designs!

We start with the Bike 4 Breast Cancer jersey, which has the pink, but not the ribbons. The Save The Tatas design is a cool and bold look from World Jerseys that pairs nicely with some the socks I’ve gathered below. You can see the pink ribbon used in various ways through out the design.

Then we have the Le Tour de Femme jerseys for 2009, 2010 and 2011. Not sure what happened after that, but that’s as far as they go. Really nice variations on the same floral theme, but not something that would be overly obvious to most Americans as being in support of breast cancer research.

Once you leave those, you find the line of gear from Canari in connection with the Komen Foundation. Some really classy designs here, all in pink, white and black. And tons of options, even a skort! I’ve got four of the jersey options available; head over the Nashbar to see just about everything you can get. One of the nice things with this line is the designs are lovely and there are choices that are far more subtle than big huge ribbons everywhere.

I particularly like the argyle design with the variety of pinks. Just a classy look. You can’t get much more subtle than the plain jersey with just the ribbon on the chest and the words “Pedaling for Pink” on the back pockets. It comes in black and pink and they had the long-sleeve version over at Nashbar as well.

Speaking of Nashbar, they have the entire line of this gear, including bottoms. Two of my favorites are the Promise jersey with the scribble of pink behind the Komen version of the pink ribbon and the Forever Pink jersey with the swooping flock of ribbons down the long-sleeves.

Canari Cycling Jersey- Canari Women's Susan G. Komen Promise Cycling JerseyCanari Cycling Jersey- Canari Women's Susan G. Komen Forever Pink Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey


Pink Ribbon Cycling Accessories

If you aren’t interested in committing with a jersey but still want to sport some pink ribbons in support, consider a small touch added via an accessory like socks or gloves.

You could just take care of all the small touches easily with the gift pack from DeFeet with gloves, arm warmers and socks all together. Their pink gloves were the only ones I found, in fact, but only in the gift set now.

DeFeet Breast Cancer Armskins/Duraglove/Aireator Gift Set

But socks are a different matter. As in, you can find a ton of options here. And a pair of socks are definitely the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to add some pink ribbons to your cycling kit. There are choices in black, white or pink. Choices with one ribbon or tons. Some with words and others with images. My personal favorites are the black ones from DeFeet with the tons of pink and white ribbons on the cuff.

Sock Guy Women's Cancer Sucks Pink Cycling Socks

Since it is October, you might be like me and spend your time watching the temperatures go up and down, up and down. Since it’s time to consider breaking out arm warmers anyway, you might want to toss on a pair with pink ribbons.

We again have everything from in your face to fairly subtle, typically because it pairs with a design of jersey or sock from above. The DeFeet Armskins are pretty cool because the pattern looks like damask and hidden in it are pink ribbons. The Komen ones from Canari also come in black. And the last one there is available not only in the black and pink in the picture, but also camo and white.

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