Hit the big apple with this New York cycling gear

Tonight, most eyes across the US will be glued on New York City for the dropping of the New Year’s Eve ball at midnight. (OK, glued to their TVs, if you want to be precise.) So I thought we might take a look at what kind of New York cycling gear we could find to celebrate.

Many of these are NYC specific, a few showing love for the entire state. A few don’t get specific, but when you look at the jersey, it’s pretty city centric.

New York Cycling Jerseys

Given that we’re talking about this related to the holiday, I love the ladies jersey from 83 Sportswear with the colorful and festive fireworks (can’t find it anymore, though). Great design and one of the few that aren’t red, white and blue. The gray, taupe and red is part of Pearl Izumi’s limited edition state line, but the images are very NYC rather than the entire state. Same goes for the two patriotic-looking ones from SPEG, the first with the US flag in the sky behind the city skyline, the second a bit less busy of a design, but still obviously the city. I found another from them featuring a silhouette of the Statue of Liberty over on eBay (check them out for more random options from New York), although I don’t think it’s that nice a design compared to others. Canari had a line of souvenir jerseys, including the one for NY below, but I haven’t been able to find them recently at a place I could recommend.


Pearl Izumi 2013 Men's Select STATE LTD Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey - 0705

New York City Cycling Clubs and Events

As you would expect with any big city, there are cycling clubs and movements all around, some with their own jersey options. Cycling The Apple paired up with Voler to come up with their All About New York jersey that shows off the skyscrapers, Central Park and the bike lane signs.

BikeNewYork is an advocate group working to encourage people to bike more in the city and get more bike paths, etc. The typical stuff. They have several jerseys in their store, but the one that caught my eye as being very NY was their Five Boro Bike Tour 2013 design in gray, green and black. Love the watermarked words in the gray on the white.

New York State Cycling Jerseys

Let’s pull back and take a look at some state-wide designs. We’re back with the red, white and blue options with the first two. My Heart is in New York shows the outline of the state with the heart done like an apple. The chest says Since 1788 and the back has the state motto Excelsior. The ScudoPro design features the flag in the circle (again with the Excelsior line). The two Free Spirit designs give you sunrise for the guys and sunset (or maybe moonrise?) for the women. While you can see NYC across the top, the rest shows off more landscape features of the state as a whole.

New York Cycling Accessories

While it doesn’t come from them, the Bike New York guys are featured on a Nutcase helmet, done in a matte gold color with the logo on the side. And still around, but going fast is the New York City Tour cycling cap, taking some inspiration from checkered cabs, only in orange instead of yellow.

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