Looking hip with mustache cycling gear

I’ve been playing with mustache decor over on another blog and thought I should take a poke around to see what you can get in cycling gear as well. It doesn’t surprise me that I could find some mustache cycling gear, but I was surprised there wasn’t more.

After all, we’re talking a natural connection here. Handlebar mustaches, anyone?

It makes perfect sense that two of the jerseys I tracked down come from Hill Killer and Podium. They tend to specialize in the tongue-in-cheek designs. The Podium one comes in red, green and black, but the Hill Killer is just a nicer overall design to me. Then, there’s an actual cycling gear company called Handlebar Mustache. Ha! And so of course, they have jerseys that show their logo and name. I picked out my favorite – the Plaid – but there were a few other options to choose from.

mustache cycling jersey

One of the first jerseys I can remember seeing with a mustache on it was Giordana’s 2012 Movember shirt. It’s tied to an actual charity movement in which guys grow mustaches during November. (The model should have one, shouldn’t he?) The jersey for 2014 is odd in that there’s no mustache to be seen. It’s a camo design and I swear I’ve tried to see a mustache in the blobs of color. The 2014 Movember Cycling Cap does sport one, however.

Also expected was various socks from SockGuy. They have one crew version, then several longer ones at 6″. The design repeats on three of them, just variations in the colors.

SockGuy Crew 6in Mustache Cycling/Running SocksSockGuy Crew 6in HSF Mustache 2 Cycling/Running SocksSockGuy Crew 6in Head Strong Mustache Cycling/Running Socks

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