Montana cycling jerseys and gear


A friend of mine just headed off to Montana. Not the greatest time of year to be there, maybe, but when family calls, you go.

But, it got me thinking about how beautiful it is there during the summer months. (OK, the snow is beautiful too, but you can’t bike in it!) So here are some Montana options you could wear to celebrate that.

These first two from Free Spirit Wear are all about the beautiful landscape. These are the rare ones from them where the design is the same on the men’s and women’s cut. Usually they toss in some flowers and make the sky a different shade for the ladies.

montana cycling jerseymontana cycling jersey

Scudopro is the only maker I can find with anything Montana. And we have their standard three options here. The first features the state seal on the blue background, the second the state flag and the last different city names. Not a lot there, but Helena, Billings and Missoula are included along with others. The state seal and flag options also come in long-sleeved styles, and the seal design is also available in shorts.

Oh – and one last Montana item I did find – bike bells. Round ones like the one with the state below – which comes in your choice of a billion colors – and the round ones styled like the other two. Very cute addition.

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