Marijuana cycling jerseys light up the road


We’re heading back to Colorado soon to enjoy biking in the mountain air. (I say enjoy. For the first couple of weeks, I spend all my rides stopping every 10 minutes trying to catch my breath.)

But, back to Colorado. The town we stay in has not just one or two, but three pot shops. Crazy. It’s a different world for sure. And no surprise that it’s making way into the cycling gear realm.

After all, we have tons of beer options, so why not some marijuana cycling jerseys as well? As pot hits the mainstream, brands and strains and marketing is making its way there as well. So, instead of just pot, you start hearing about “flavors” like purple haze and strawberry cough.

And so, these jerseys are designed around some of those strains, taking inspiration from craft beer labels for the look and feel. The designs are meant to be a little discrete and subtle.

There are three out at the moment. Purple Haze comes in long and short-sleeved versions for men, short sleeve only for women. OG Kush has long and short sleeve, but men’s cuts only. And Strawberry Cough has only men’s short sleeved styles.

marijuana cycling jersey purple haze
marijuana cycling jersey og kush
marijuana cycling jersey strawberry cough

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