Kokopelli designs add a touch of the Southwest


Kokopelli cycling jersey in light aqua with pink and purple accentsIf you’ve ever travelled through the southwestern US, you probably stumbled upon a few things with tribal designs. The Kokopelli has probably become one of the most famous, typically seen as a hunchbacked silhouette playing a flute.

Now, since I ride a hybrid, I certainly see where the hunchback comes into play when talking about cycling. Ha! But the Kokopelli does show up a lot in designs for cycling jerseys, whether in the traditional music playing figure or translated to be riding a bike like on the aqua team jersey in the picture here.

Kokopelli cycling jersey from primal wear in purple, blue and yellowsBTW, that jersey is available in super big sizes – like up to 5XL, making it a good team choice since you can probably fit everyone. What I don’t get is that the figure looks outfitted in a dress – odd because he’s cycling and, well, because he’s a he. (Anyone else see a dress there? Just me?)

The Kokopelli is a fertility deity among several Native American cultures, presiding over childbirth and agriculture as well as representing the spirit of music. Which is why you more commonly see him like on the Primal Wear version, which they call Spoke-O-Pelli. Cute, huh? I do love how the back coordinates without repeating the front image. And while we have a cactus on the horizon, the colors are bright and happy rather than the dusky shades you see in a lot of Southwestern art.

I found three other Kokopelli cycling jerseys readily available. The first two come from ScudoPro, which means you can get the design in short, long or sleeveless styles as well as sizes for men, women and kids. And coordinating shorts and arm warmers. (They think of everything there!) The first style is called Musical Expression with yellows, greens and blues; the second is Blue Swirl Musician. I like both of the their designs, mostly because of the colors, but the backs don’t just repeat the fronts. Instead, they’re interesting art on their own using the colors of the front. The red jersey puts the Kokopelli back on a bike in a repeating pattern. This bike shirt’s design is cool because the southwest influence is subtle.

You might check eBay for kokopelli jerseys as well. I’ve seen all kinds of cool designs in red, green, purple and blue pop up on there occasionally. It’s just a bit more of a crap shoot as to how often something is on there and what you’ll find.

Kokopelli cycling jersey in blue yellow and green colors Kokopelli cycling jersey in shades of blue and black Kokopelli cycling jersey in red white and brown

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