Be King of the Mountains


We’re in Colorado for the summer, and every time I get my bike up over the crest of a hill, I definitely start to feel like I’m king (or queen, rather) of the mountain.

But in this particular case, we’re talking specifically about the King of the Mountains award for the Tour de France. Generally, King of the Mountains is award to the best climber in a race. In the Tour, at the top of each significant climb, points are awarded to the riders who are first over the top, and the King designation goes to the most points at the end of the race.

King of the Mountains Jerseys

The distinctive polka dot jersey is worn by the leader in the mountains competition of the Tour de France. While they’ve had the honor around since 1933, the jersey first showed up in 1975. (I wonder what that conversation was like? Polka dots aren’t exactly a typical sports pattern!) Since 2010, it’s also worn by the leader in the Vuelta.

Twin Six King of the Mountains Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey King of the Mountains cycling jersey

Dotted Socks and Caps

Small and less obtrusive options include socks and caps. Lots of socks and caps. Two of the options below are official Tour gear, complete with logo. The others just make good use of the polka dots. One of the caps is part of the line Twin 6 came out with this year, so some of the dots are black.

Twin Six King of the Mountains Socks

Twin Six King of the Mountains Cap

Other Ways to Be King

If that isn’t enough dotty fun for you, check out these last few options. We’ve got a tee, water bottle from the Twin 6 and a bike saddle. (The saddle I’ve mentioned before in a post about the Throne seats.)

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