Have a heart cycling for Valentine’s Day

Some of us got into cycling as a way to make our hearts stronger and our bodies healthier. And because it’s just fun and a nice way to get outside.

But with Valentine’s coming up, how about some heart cycling gear as well?

As you might expect, the only jerseys I could find were for women, and they were few and far between. I saw the Sugoi shirt at a local bike shop and just loved it, even though it only kind of relates here since it’s more love my bike than just general romantic love. Took me forever to finally find it online.

The polka dot heart one I knew I had seen before. Knew it. So of course, it was driving me nuts because I couldn’t find it. In a classic example of why I can make a living helping people shop, I finally discovered it hiding at Amazon because the listing was spelled “hart” instead of “heart”. Argh.

Not a huge fan of the blue one from Baleaf but as it was the only other one I found with a heart on it, had to include it.

Sugoi Women's I Heart Bikes Cycling Jersey


Heart Cycling Accessories

pink heart head scarf buff

It probably makes more sense there would be a few more hearts on accessory items. Like the KingTECH head scarf in pink and purple hearts to the right here.

But the most common by far I found was in socks. Well, wait, let me back up. I again was looking just for hearts, not “I <3 my bike” type stuff. That did limit the search quite a bit, but there were several sock designs to be found. And surprisingly only one in pink.

You have too look really close on the DeFeet Speede Heart Blossom ones (no longer available) – the heart is the center of the flowers. Double girly, huh? My favorites are definitely the bright turquoise knee highs. Not sure I’d wear them to cycle, though. Definitely would work great in my motorcycle boots, though.

SockGuy Channel Air 1in Hearts Cycling/Running Socks

Heart Cycling Tees

Actually, I’m showing all these designs on t-shirts, but they came from over at Zazzle, so you could put the design on a card or a pillow or a keychain. Tons of options. And even in the clothing, all kinds of colors and styles. Even sweatshirts. All of which is really nice and this is a great idea for a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Again, I was looking for images that were romantic in nature, so no surprise we see several tandem bikes in the images.

 tandem bicycle with red hearts by beakraus Me & You Bike by Wyatt_Bikes Love is in the air by adinaelena Be My Love by TheAttic

 Heart tree with birds and tandem bicycle by beakraus Love Cycling by AlstonBros Valentine Bicycle by trennea

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