Hit the islands with a Hawaii cycling jersey


blue hawaii cycling jersey with hibiscus flowers

Cast your mind back to the wonderful time you had visiting Hawaii – the waves, the sunsets, the tropical flowers.

Canari brings them all together with their Hawaii cycling jerseys, ready to give you a mental mini-vacation. Or at least brighten your day. Love all the color here!

I have to admit I’m partial to the blue version (Hawaii 3, they call it), but not because it’s the newest. I tend to be a bit partial to blue and this is a particularly nice shade. The back repeats the front image, but with the island chain below it heading down to the pockets. Underneath the hibiscus flowers are the names of the islands and the raglan sleeves have large blue-on-blue flowers.

The orange design evokes the sunset over the mountain, complete with hibiscus flowers, palm trees and the island chain. But I have no idea who thought it would be a good idea to make the pocket section that light blue color going right across your backside. Should have stuck with the red-orange shade there, I think. The flower border is a nice detail, though.

World Jerseys has been working its way around the world with its “World Journeys” line and made a stop in Hawaii. Very different look and feel here, though, with soft blues and a retro styled image. You see that style picture a lot in retro postcard designs you can pick up for art in your home. The sleeves say World Journeys on them above and below an image of the globe with an airplane circling it. The yellow text down the side reads “Aloha”.

What do you think? Bright and colorful or mellow and retro? Which says Hawaii most to you?


hawaii cycling jersey in yellow and orange sunset with hibiscus flowers and palm trees hawaii cycling jersey with retro image of a group in a canoe on the water

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