Fly the Union Jack with Great Britain cycling gear

So I had this great plan to do a post on England cycling gear. Then realized that like many Americans, I tend to forget there’s a difference between England and Great Britain or the United Kingdom. Doh.

I quickly got reminded of that as I started hunting down gear. Because if you start going after the United Kingdom, the number of items starts to add up quickly as you toss in England, Scotland and Wales separately. (No one seems to remember Northern Ireland. Sorry.) And it quickly becomes quite cumbersome and more than any of you want to actually read or peruse. Trust me.

So we’re sticking with just Great Britain today, which means lots and lots of the Union Jack interpreted in various ways. (Yes, I realize that’s still not the same thing as the United Kingdom. Please forgive the fact that the terms will get used a bit interchangeably below. I’m using whatever name the manufacturer did.)

Great Britain Cycling Jerseys

You’ll quickly see just how popular the Union Jack is as a design element. (No surprise since it’s still quite hot for home decor, actually.) I have the images for all the ones I tracked down with a list just below them because there is no way I can talk about them all.

There are two basic ways the flag gets used – as the design or as an element in the design. So sometimes you get the pretty basic and fairly obvious whole-front is just the flag bit. Occasionally it might be put off center, made to wave, or even distressed to make it a little artsy. My favorite of those is definitely the Kooplus jersey (top row, center) with the brushstroked flag done off-center, although the United Kingdom flag design from ScudoPro (bottom row, center) is pretty classy looking.

Of the limited number of jerseys that just bring in the flag as one part of the design, I definitely love the black ones from Pactimo – one for the guys and one for the ladies. Unlike a few other jersey lines they have, there aren’t coordinating shorts with these, unfortunately.

Kooplus 2013 British Pattern 100% Polyester Short Sleeve Quick Dry Mens BIB Short Cycling SuitsKooplus 2013 British Pattern 100% Polyester Short Sleeve Quick Dry Mens Cycling SuitsCanari Cyclewear Great Britain Cycling Jersey

Great Britain Cycling Accessories

Far fewer specific items when it comes to cycling accessories, but there are a couple of helmets for you and a few things for your bike. I think the bottle cage and tire would make for a slick-looking combination on a bike with any of the flag’s colors.


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