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Rock out with these Grateful Dead cycling jerseys

Primal Wear came out with a line of rock band jerseys several years ago, and while you can’t find them for several of the bands anymore, the Grateful Dead is still going strong. They actually got a new jersey design this year. (In fact, the only bands still having jerseys released are the Dead, Pink Floyd and Rush.)

While a few of these Grateful Dead cycling jerseys are based on album covers, there are also a lot of variation just to make more interesting designs. As you might expect, there are a lot of skulls, roses and bears to be seen. Several of the designs over the years have used the skull on the Steal Your Face cover with another batch borrowing the skeleton from the cover of Skull & Roses.

Dancing Bears

By far my favorites, the Dancing Bears come from the artwork on Bear’s Choice, which you can find on the back of History of the Grateful Dead, Vol. 1. They’re actually marching in step in a circle around a real bear. The women’s version in blue and white came out a few years ago – the only women’s cut available – and the black men’s style was released this year. Absolutely adore the back of it!

Primal Wear 2013 Men's Grateful Dead Dancing Bears Cycling Jersey
Primal Wear 2013 Men’s Grateful Dead Dancing Bears Cycling Jersey

Grateful Dead cycling jerseys - dancing bears
Grateful Dead Women’s Dancing Bears Cycling Jersey

Skulls and Roses

I’ve actually seen the red, white and black version out on the trail. It’s a nice adaptation of the original design in theme at least. The others take the original album image and kind of design the shirt around that rather than base the design on it.

Grateful Dead Skull and Roses Cycling Jersey
Grateful Dead Skull and Roses Cycling Jersey

Grateful Dead cycling jerseys
Grateful Dead Cycling Jersey

Steal Your Face

Graphically, this was already a really awesome image. The first shirt looks just like the album cover! Lots of red and blue here, of course, but also a white for people who can’t choose between their love for Colorado and their love for Grateful Dead.

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Cycling Jersey
Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Cycling Jersey

Back side has larger image of skull with red panels down the sides

Primal Wear 2012 Grateful Dead Strobe Cycling Jersey

I think this is my favorite of this particular line of adaptations

Grateful Dead Colorado Cycling Jersey


Other Grateful Dead Cycling Jerseys

Just a few others that kind of stand alone.

Grateful Dead Terrapin Jersey

$79.95 at Primal Wear

Cool design adapted from the cover of Terrapin Station

Grateful Dead AOXOMOXOA

Primal Wear Men’s Grateful Dead Dancing Skeletons Cycling Jersey

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