Be proud you pass gas cycling!

Say no to the pump

Did you know less than 1 percent of Americans bike to work? I know I don’t, but that’s because it would require me biking down the hallway of my house. But I do save gas when I use my bike to run down to the grocery or library rather than take my car.

More than 238 million gallons of gas are saved every year when people cycle instead of drive. And there is no reason to be shy about it with the collection of gas jerseys I’ve got today.

No Gas Cycling Jerseys

There are pretty much three themes at work here – aggressively anti-gas, pro-human power and general “green”. My favorites are definitely in the middle camp.

You don’t get much more aggressive and in your face than the Gas Sucks design from World Jerseys. It’s just a wee bit angry even. Then again, the Anti-Gas jersey from MilesInStyle minces no words. It has a somewhat innocuous no-gas-pump on the front, but the back proclaims – “Gas Companies Can’t Fool All Of The People All Of The Time: CYCLE.” Huh. Oh – bonus – it’s made from recycled fabric. Still.

For a little humor, I definitely recommend the I Pass Gas jersey by Podium. Has to be my favorite of theirs! Just a great play on words and concepts. The Gas Less jersey has the familar no-gas-pump on it, but just points out that you are gas-less since you’re on a bike. The design repeats on the back and reads “human powered” down the sides.

Show off your great gas mileage with one of the two infinite MPG designs from Podium. The first one is a solid green with a cyclist going past a sad little gas pump on the front and the infinity symbol on the back. The other one combines green and white and just uses the infinity symbol.

Then there’s the green green Save Gas jersey, which reads “save gas” but more of a general ecology shirt with the recyling symbols on the sleeves and the background. Up the sides of the shirt – one says “save gas” the other “ride a bike”


No Gas Accessories

And just a couple of accessory ideas that pair with the above jerseys. The SockGuy – Infinite MPG socks could work with any of the green ones (the color looks a bit blue in the picture there, but I think they’re just green) along with the Infinite MPG arm warmers. And
Gas Sucks socks go with anything, you know. Love the pump handle on the bottom of the sock!

infinite mpg arm warmers green

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