Gallop along with horse cycling jerseys

Whoa! Pause for a moment here and let’s take a look at some horse cycling jerseys, shall we? We’ve covered a lot of other animals to date, so it’s about time for their turn.

We’ve pretty much got two options going – cartoony horses and stylized, manly stallion looks. Which struck me as a wee bit odd. I tend to think of horse-themed items as being on the girly side. There’s definitely a tendency to make them that way anyway. And yet, there’s only one here I’d call even slightly girly. A symptom of a more male dominated industry/sport? Hmmm.

Cartoon Horses

Let’s start with the silly and drawn ones. And, well, silly is about what these first two are for sure. The first guy looks like he is really determined. Determined to make sure you know he’s a horse. You can see it five times just from the front! It’s from ScudoPro so it comes in sizes down to kids, who might be more interested in this style.

The second is a women’s cut only and a really goofy horse, for sure. The last one – another from ScudoPro – isn’t exactly cartoony, maybe, but it is a drawing of a horse that isn’t all stylized and manly like the next group.

Stylized Horses

Now we’re talking real design. These horse cycling jerseys are quite stylized, very strong and manly stallions for the most part. Lots of red and black and white colors in the first three. The first one is a 2014 design to commemorate the year of the horse, and by far my favorite. Very Black Beauty, I think.

The next one gives us our only somewhat girly look with a rainbow-colored horse dancing against a blue sky. It only comes as a kit, and the bib shorts feature horses on each side of the thigh. The horse on the blue one reminds me of the Mustang car emblem. It comes in the blue and black, but also combinations of red, white and black. The green fire version only comes in long sleeves.


Not a jersey, but still rocking awesome. I’ve posted about Clockwork Gears‘ tees before; this one called Horse Power is perfect for this particular group. Kind of the implication that a rider on a bike is pulling one horse power, but surely that can’t be right?

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