Time to get out your Day of the Dead cycling gear

World Jerseys Cycling Jersey- World Jerseys Rosarito Day Of The Dead Cycling JerseyHappy Day of the Dead, everyone!

Do you have your sugar skulls and marigolds ready to go? Tomorrow is just Halloween for many of us here in the US, but for Mexico and other countries around the world, it marks the start of the Day of the Dead celebrations.

The designs I’ve tracked down include everything from sugar skulls (and regular skulls) to completely dressed skeletons like the Rosarito Day Of The Dead cycling jersey in the picture here that I found over at Nashbar.

(If you aren’t really sure just what I’m referring to, you obviously live somewhere without a large Mexican population. Day of the Dead combines Halloween and All Saint’s Day for a three-day celebration remembering and honoring the dead. It has its roots in Aztec tradition, which is why it’s such a big holiday in Mexico, although many cultures celebrate it or some version of it.)

Day of the Dead Cycling Jerseys

So skeletons and skulls play a big role in decorations for Dia De Los Muertos, so no surprise to see them repeatedly on cycling gear designed for the day. The green one at the top goes all the way with the traditionally dressed skeletons, only this time they’re out for a bike ride.

The three designs from Primal Wear feature skulls, but less in a decorated way and more in just a skull way . The orange and red ones below have jawless skulls with small hears and flowers added to them. About the least girly way to do a skull for this holiday. The black and white one is  mosty just a traditional skull, but on a bed of flowers. The back designs for each mostly repeat the front.

Dia De Los Muertos from Hill Killer gives us not just a brightly colored sugar skull, but a bunch shadowed in the background looking a bit ghostly.

Over at Pactimno, one of their special designer sets focuses on the Day of the Dead, but less from a skull perspective and more with skeletons and flowers and candles. Oh, and some butterflies. These are designed by Southwestern artist Arlene Pedersen (who, totally a non sequitur, was a Olympics curling champion in Canada before moving to the Southwest). The ribs on the front of the jerseys are decorated much like a sugar skull, while the back of each includes a large sugar skull with the shrine-like display of flowers and candles you might see over the next few days. The little banner running through it says “Dia De Los Muertos”. The design comes in jerseys for women and men, then regular bike shorts for the ladies and bib shorts for the guys.

  • “Day of the Dead” Designer Jersey for Women – $95 at Pactimo
  • “Day of the Dead” Designer Shorts for Women – $95 at Pactimo
  • “Day of the Dead” Designer Jersey for Men – $95 at Pactimo
  • “Day of the Dead” Designer Bibs for Men – $120 at Pactimo

Day of the Dead Cycling Accessories

While there are a ton of ways you could deck out your bike for the holiday, I’ve tracked down a few accessories that you could consider for you and the bike. Less commitment and a little fun.

Let’s start with some sugar skull color for you. No surprise here, but there are a set of sugar skull cycling socks from DeFeet that I just love. The picture shows them with the skull in blue, but they do come with a white-ish skull as well. Oh – and there’s the Bell Fraction helmet, a skate-helmet-inspired design that features orange or teal  colors with sugar skulls. It’s geared toward BMX bikers rather than road.

For your bike, colorful sugar skulls from Electra can be found on bubble valve caps and a bell, while they took a more subtle approach with a black saddle.

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