Moooo-ve over for these cow cycling jerseys


Let’s take a turn over toward animals today. Specifically cows. Because cows and bicycles – perfect match, right? Look how happy that cow looks on her bike with the green basket!

It used to be a little easier to find cow print in a jersey, which is what most people think of first, but these days, most of what I’m running into is cartoon cows. Not sure that’s quite as cool, actually.

One of the rare non-corny cartoon cows is the Midnight Cattle just below. And technically, a bull and not a cow, me thinks. Perfect if you try to do the running of the bulls on your bike, I suppose.

Midnight Cattle cow cycling jersey

Just Silly Cow Cycling Jerseys

Enter with me, if you will, the world of silly to down-right ridiculous. The ScudoPro options aren’t that bad, especially if you’re getting them in the kid sizes, but for the most part, not sure about choosing this particular look. (Way to sell it, Susan.)

The first two here from ScudoPro aren’t bad. The green one is called Little Cow. Not sure if the little cow means it’s supposed to be a calf. The back has the face at the bottom and the teats of the udder hanging down at the top. Weird. Cowlicious is the red one, and the back of it has a big cow face. But then comes Cow, also from ScudoPro. The back shows, well, the back of the cow. (It’s part of a new line of designs they have with animals that are truly more appropriate for kids.) And Moo Moo, which comes in a basic short sleeve jersey and tri gear, has to be up there for the ugliest design I’ve ever seen.

Cow Print Cycling Jerseys

Cow print!! I actually had to go overseas to find these. The standard one (which includes that god-awful ugly cow from above on the left breast) comes in cuts for men and women in short and long sleeves, shorts and arm warmers. The cute little Dairy Cow set I found over at AliBaba. You can get it in blue or pink with choices of just the shirt, just the shorts or the full set. Only in kid sizes, though.

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